Our Story

ACCESS Technologies, LLC established in 2005 as a specialty silicone emulsions manufacturer as well as supplier of specialty silicone fluids, silanes, and other affiliated chemicals.  We have our proprietary emulsions manufactured with several strategic manufacturing partners located in the South, the Southeast and in the Midwest.  With over 200 proprietary formulations designed for a variety of applications, we have the expertise to provide both off the shelf as well as customer specifically designed products.  We have grown of the years to evolve into a specialty chemicals manufacturing and distribution company.

ACCESS Rudolf Technologies, LP as six manufacturing partners as well as nine stocking warehouses which allows us to service our nationwide customer base with rapid response time to their orders and product development needs.

Our Partners

ACCESS Technologies, LLC is proud to have such great companies as our global partners.


Access Capabilities

Silicone Polymer Synthesis Capabilities
Silicone Polymer Process Design Capabilities
Silicone Emulsions Capabilities
Silicone Emulsion Process Design Capabilities
Functionalized Polyethylene Polymers Synthesis Capabilities
Functionalized Polyethylene Polymer Process Design Capabilities
Specialty Quaternaries
Specialty PEG Esters
Specialty Polyethylene Polymers
Specialty Alcohol Polymers
Specialty Surfactants

Our Locations:

Atlanta, GA
Rome, GA
Greenville, SC
Charleston, SC
Chicago, IL
Bristol, WI
Elkhorn, WI
Houston, TX
Newark, NJ