Organofunctional Silanes

Since 2009, ACCESS Rudolf Technologies has represented a complete line of organofunctional silanes from Onichem Specialties.

General Details

About Organofunctional Silanes

Since 1969, Onichem has be a key producer of silanes in China, being one of the first commercial producer of Silanes & Glyoxal resins in China.  They were the first company in China to introduce Chinese produced Organofunctional Silanes to Europe.

Onichem is a ISO 9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 registered company with a commitment to high quality and being a reliable supplier of specialty chemicals.

ACCESS Rudolf Technologies relationship with Onichem has allowed us to one be of the largest distributors of Onichem silanes in North America.  We stock over 14 different silanes and add to this list each year.  Many of these silanes are available in any of the 6 US warehouses. Having domestic supply has allowed us to rapidly respond to customer’s requirements for organofunctional silanes WITHOUT the typical long lead times from other overseas silane suppliers.  With stocking locations throughout the US, we are able to ship within 48 hours of the order confirmation.

Techical Info

Technical Info

Why Choose Onichem?

  • Deep understanding of production & the product with over 45 years of experience.
  • Consistent, sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing facilities and processes
  • International teamwork with strong local experiences to form strong alliances.
  • Fast response & strong customer focus.

Why Choose Onichem Silanes ?

  • Deep understanding of Silanes from technology to production operations gained through more than 45 years of experience.
  • Updated development by market-driven innovation through our own R & D.
  • Supplying various Silanes as a package in different size.

Why Choose ACCESS Technologies for your needs for Onichem Silanes?

  • Local technical sales & support
  • Stocking over 14 different Onichem silanes and continually adding to the number of silanes available each year.
  • 6 US Stocking locations to better service both local and nationwide needs of our customers.
  • Rapid Response to customer current and new product development requirements with locally stocked and readily available product.
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