Standard Silicone Fluids

ACCESS Silicone Fluids range from 50-30,000,000 CS is a linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer with a wide range of average kinematic viscosities.

General Details

About Standard Silicone Fluids

Within polish formulations, the viscosities generally used in are between 100 and 30,000 cSt. For more optimum results, in terms of ease of application and depth of gloss, a blend of a low and high viscosity fluids.   The lower viscosity silicone fluid acts as a lubricant to make polish application and rubout easier, whereas the high-viscosity silicone fluid produces a greater depth of gloss.  Since these polymers are inherently water-repellent, they will cause water to bead up on a treated surface rather than penetrate the polish film.

Techical Info

Technical Info

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