Industrial Grade Silicone Defoamers

They can be aqueous or non-aqueous, silicone-free defoamers that are designed to control foam and eliminate entrained air in many different types industrial processes, including (but not limited to) such applications as: coatings, paints, latex, chemical processing and industrial wastewater. The functional properties can be developed to eliminate and prevent excessive foam include: water dispersibility, slight insolubility, relative stability, and a high degree of spreadability in the foaming system.

Food Grade Silicone Defoamers

ACCESS Rudolf Technologies line of food-grade antifoam agents are water-based silicone emulsions (as polydimethylsiloxane) designed to control foam in aqueous food processing applications.

Non Silicone Defoamers

ACCESS Rudolf Technologies’ non-silicone based defoamers can be based on several types of synthetic, vegetable as well as organically certified carrier oils.